The Art of Larry MacDougall
Nice !

Nice !

UK publisher Total 3D just sent me some pics of the pages I appear on in their just published new art book, Sketching From the Imagination - Fantasy.  In stores any day now.  :)



Here you go, have some Love !   :)


Ivy, gingers-have-no-souls edition + Audrey II
#sketch_dailies #poisonivy #pam #watercolor

Nice !


Ivy, gingers-have-no-souls edition + Audrey II

#sketch_dailies #poisonivy #pam #watercolor

Nice !



Jellybots comics are available to order! :}D
All you see above and more is available in physical form at my brand new online shop- pick up your copy now!

Jellybots is a personal project I’ve been working on for a while- a coming-of-age scifi story about Sam, a new kid at a strange flying school where a secret curriculum is taught in a substance called Jelly.

Jelly takes on colors, characteristics & qualities unique to each student. Everyone but Sam, that is- whose Jelly only seems to want to be a lifeless lump of grey goo…

It’s my first foray into making and printing my own comics! Start the adventure with me and support my personal work by grabbing a copy and telling your friends :)



My good buddy Nick is diving headfirst into self-publishing with the first chapter of his comic Jellybots, so you should definitely head over and order a print copy post haste!  Get in on that ground floor.  You won’t regret it. :D

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Nick and his work since RISD- lots of “how is this guy so good and yet he is one entire year younger than me what is happening”- but it’s mostly just love mixed with general feelings of inadequacy.  His handling of colour theory, fluid shape language, unique character design, and compelling narrative are one in a million, and I’m always happy to support my talented buddies- they’re the ones that push me to be better in the first place. <3



It’s Payback Time

Yeah !


Spera: Making of a Comic Page

Watch us as we work on a comic page, from the first sketch to the color. Everything is made on paper using pencils, drawing gum and watercolor.
Feel free to ask if you have any question about the process.

Spera: Ascension of the Starless
Chapter 2
Scenario: Josh Tierney
Art: Atelier Sentô

The book is coming this fall. We can’t wait for it!

The music in the video is from Spera II Original Soundtrack by Giannis Milonogiannis.
Download the album for free right here.

Here you go, this is how you do it.

These are fun.

These are fun.


Yuri and the Golden Plum by Noah Klocek, Art Director at Pixar.

I’m a big fan of Noah Klocek’s work, a few weeks ago he posted these two images of a picture book he’s working on. Don’t they look awesome?

This looks good.

Two very old watercolours for Throwback Thursday.  The first one is Blind Witch and the second is Rook.